Roads and Ditches
  • Contact the Township before installing or replacing any
    drive culvert on a Township road.  Contact the State or
    County for their roads.

  • A written permit is required; there is no charge for the
    permit (form coming soon).

  • Minimum culvert diameter is 12 inches.

  • Larger diameter may be required in areas of high water flow.

  • Minimum culvert length is 20 feet.  30 ft is recommended.

  • The Township will determine whether a greater diameter is
    needed, and determines whether the ditch must be cleaned
    first.   There is no charge to clean the ditch if needed.

  • After approval of the permit, the resident may install the
    culvert at his own expense or hire the Township to install it.

  • For a fee of $300, the Township will provide up to 10 tons of
    gravel and provide the labor and equipment to install the
    culvert.  Scheduling will be done at the discretion of the

  • The owner must supply the culvert.
Drive culvert policy